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Researchers who share your passion to see the world changed

Barna has been studying the Christian community for over 35 years. In the past decade alone, our researchers have interviewed more than two million people worldwide. Every one of those interviews has expanded our knowledge of how Christian leaders can and should be considering the changing world. Our ability to look beyond the curve has set the trajectory for numerous organizations.

Give Barna Agency the chance to catch you up to speed with the realities of modern Christianity and customer preferences.

Work with Us

Our team is committed to helping organizations identify opportunities for innovation.

More specifically, we want to help you:



What research can do for you

Explore with the Barna Agency Team how research can both meet your needs and define your unique missional opportunities.

Collaboratively, we craft customized comprehensive research centered on your growth.



Asking the right questions

The most actionable research begins with the right questions.

The expertise of the Barna Agency team is applied to the design of the right research instruments and methods customized for your project.



Trusting the

Our team will execute the research design with world-class proficiency to collect the right data.

Through deep analysis of the results we find key patterns, trends and empirical insights.



Master the

The results of your work are put into frameworks dedicated to practical application.

Our research outputs are designed to aid your journey with stakeholders and end-users.


“The spirit of partnership with Barna Agency is high integrity research, strong brand reputation and credibility, and personal conduct. The Barna team facilitates collaboration among its partners that multiplies the value of hard-hitting and relevant research.”

Brad Eisenmann
Brad Eisenmann
President, Aspen Group